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Our research focuses on how infants and children acquire knowledge rapidly and accurately using powerful learning mechanisms. We study cognitive development, language development, and social cognition. We are interested in how young learners think about numbers and probabilities, inductive and deductive reasoning, social group reasoning, and how they acquire language.  


Our research lab has fun and engaging studies for infants and children 8 months old to 8 years old. Our studies are typically 15-20 minutes long with ample time to answer any questions you may have about our research. We offer a mix of Zoom and in person studies.

About Us


Our team is made up of passionate researchers including graduate students, visiting scholars, and research assistants. 


Current projects investigate how infants and young children learn to reason about their physical and social world, and how they acquire language.  


We are a partner with schools, museums, and organizations around the Bay Area. 

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With multiple projects, we are always working on something. If you want to learn more about the progress of our projects, take a look at our newsletter!

We are a part of the UC Berkeley Developmental Labs!

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